Thursday, 13 September 2018

Two Publishing Talks: Southampton and Swansea

I'm talking writing, poetry and publishing on class act panels in two far flung UK locations this autumn!

This month, come see me on Thursday 20 September in Southampton:

Then, next month, I'll be on the panel of the More Poetry is Needed session at Swansea Fringe Festival (2-4pm, Sunday 7 October:

Submitting your poems to a publisher can be intimidating, but The Swansea Fringe is here to help! Three of Wales’ leading poetry editors – Emily Blewitt (New Welsh Review), Nia Davies (Poetry Wales) and Susie Wild (Parthian Books) – join The Crunch’s Adam Sillman for a panel discussion focused on the world of publishing and poetry. 
What do these three editors look for when they open up submissions? Are there any pitfalls to avoid when sending your work for consideration? And has being an editor changed their approach to submitting their own poetry to magazines and publishers? All of these questions and more will be answered during a lively panel discussion and audience Q&A, revealing exactly what happens when editors decide that more poetry is needed.