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Mademoiselle Albertina

  125 years ago today Mademoiselle Albertina's body was found near Nash. Her grave in the local cemetery called to me on a walk this week, pulling me a different route round – through conservation woodland onto a grassy, bramble-lined path, curving past the first blackened berries tart to taste. And then, there she was, the freshly cleaned headstone gleaming white in the heatwave sun.  Here's my poem about her from my new collection Windfalls , out now through Parthian Books :
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Nation.Cymru Review: 'gorgeous, unsentimental portraits'

Caroline Bracken reviews Windfalls for Nation.Cymru, I think she liked it....  'The word ‘windfall’ reminds me of Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘A Kite for Aibhín’ which ends or lands on that magical word. While they are very different poets, Susie Wild has something of Heaney’s lyric sensibility, an ability to capture a moment others might pass by [...] The love poems in the second section of the book are some of the strongest, gorgeous, unsentimental portraits, ‘He was a cupped hand/ to the cigarettes she’d quit// but taken up again’ (‘Everyone Got Married’) [...] Pandemic poems are a new popular phenomenon but I challenge anyone to write a better one than Susie Wild’s ‘How quickly we forget to live.’ I'm in good company too with collections by Dai George and Ilse Pedler also reviewed. Read the article in full on Nation.Cymru

SPECIAL OFFER: Get Windfalls for a bargain price of £6 until Tuesday

Parthian Books say ' It's a special deal on some VERY special poetry!'   So it must be ;) For a limited time you can buy this bundle of three BRILLIANT collections for £15! (original price: £27.99): Small by  Natalie Ann Holborow How to Carry Fire by Christina Thatcher Windfalls by  Susie Wild (OR there's a code for £3 off each title bought separately!) Ends midday Tuesday. ENJOY! Order here:

On the Radio: Penarth Sounds

I can’t listen back to myself on the radio etc! But you can... Here I am talking about my new poetry collection Windfalls on Penarth Sounds, available now from Parthian and all your favourite bookshops!

🍎BOOK LAUNCH | New Poetry from Susie Wild🍎

You can now watch this lovely event held last week celebrating the release of Susie Wild's new collection Windfalls , hosted by editor and poet Zoë Brigley Thompson. Diolch to all who came along!

Western Mail Author's Notes: 'Her poems are beautiful'

  ‘Her poems are beautiful, even when tackling difficult subjects, and arresting without feeling over-ornamented or inflated. Above all, they shine with authenticity - perhaps because she has a magpie’s appetite for glimpsed moments...’ – Jenny White I’m in the Western Mail today promoting Windfalls . Out now from Parthian Books !

Buzz Review: 'A very affecting collection of poems indeed.'

The first review of Windfalls is in, thanks Mab Jones and Buzz Magazine ! Rather pleased to have been compared to Jean Rhys. 'The word used for its title makes this collection instantly intriguing. It can mean both fruit blown down in the wind, or a large amount of money received unexpectedly. However, the reader isn’t given a sense, here, of such lottery-like good luck. Where windfalls are specifically mentioned, they belong to other people – to those who don’t realise their abundant good fortune. 'In one poem they are “next door’s apples”; in a later poem, those same apples “are still there – / the windfalls, rotting / in garden waste bags”. Other people have their inherited trees full of fruit but, not being gifted such, Wild’s windfalls are of the everyday – of its physical intimacies, its domestic pleasures, and of simply being alive despite life’s many challenges and setbacks. 'With its series of poems about boyfriends and lovers past, against a backdrop of bars and