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Windfalls has arrived!

Exciting delivery! Windfalls exists! And was, typically, difficult to unpack! Available to pre-order from Parthian and out on 1 May 2021 . Read more to see the unboxing video.  
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Windfalls Full Cover Spread

  ‘“A chase of messages illuminates my screen/through the small hours.” So begins Susie Wild’s new collection, and among things that are fascinating here are the messages these powerful, beautifully crafted poems bring us. From an interaction with a violent taxi driver to the experiences of a mistreated mother to a “whirlwind love” for a husband, this collection understands the power of lyric poetry to bring us real and raucous life. The poems are endlessly engaging, individually and in the ability of the writer to create sequences and consider the emotional arc of a collection. I’m reminded how now, more than ever, there’s nothing like poetry to cut down the spaces between us, to leap across gaps, make a friend of a stranger. Just as, in 'The Starfish,' there’s a commitment to “slowly … fix the broken things,” so these poems show us, again and again, how something of the greatest importance can be crafted from the chaos that life does.’ – Jonathan Edwards Out 1 May 2021. Avail

Cardiff Poetry Festival: The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass

Hosted by  Parthian Books  Editor and poet Susie Wild, we see Natalie Ann Holborow and Mari Ellis Dunning stir together myth, legend, fairytale and iconic female characters to cast a book-length spell and bewitch, as well as beguile, the reader. With intelligence and imagination they question stereotypes, delve into archetypes, and dissect what we think we know, transmuting old stories, through gorgeous language and idiosyncratic imagery, into new and startling tales, in 'The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass'. Tickets:

Listen: 'It's 4:30 in the afternoon again, dear' on The Cardiff Review

You can now listen to the audio of my poem 'It's 4:30 in the afternoon again, dear' from my forthcoming new poetry collection Windfalls on The Cardiff Review's SoundCloud 

Pants on Fire – Kim Addonizio

Hello lovelies! I hope you are keeping well. I'm prepping to record a reading and Q&A with students about my forthcoming book Windfalls and my writing process. I recently enjoyed seeing Kim Addonizio read at an online event for Cheltenham Poetry Festival and I have been revisiting her work. This chimed with me: ‘AS A WRITER occasionally tarred with the brush of being a “confessional poet,” feathered with disdain and once even tied to a maypole by roving bands of critics, I’d like to reveal a few transgressions to you here and now. I hope you will forgive me. I can’t seem to stop telling you everything about me in the lineated memoir of my life. This may be because I’m a woman, which means I am an emotional land mine waiting to be stepped on, a weeping, oversharing harpy whose inner weather fluctuates wildly. And women, as everyone knows, often lack that quality of imagination men have in such abundance. ‘In any case, I clearly have an inordinate, some might say excessive, nee

Poetry Wales: How I Write a Poem / Susie Wild

Poetry Wales asked me how I write a poem and I sent them a poem in response, which you can listen to and read on their website. It is called 'I Run'

Happy New Year & A New Poem up on The Cardiff Review

  Hello Lovelies, I hope you have had a lovely festive break! Here's a new poem from me, up on The Cardiff Review today! It is 4:30 in the afternoon again, dear Much 2021 sparkle to you all, Susie Q x

The new year is on fire. It sparks and it blazes.