Sunday, 24 July 2011

Welsh Arts Critics’ Development Programme 2011

AKA What I am doing over the next 6 months...

Successful Participants Announcement

Wales Arts International is working in partnership with Visiting Arts to deliver a development programme for Welsh Arts Critics. Designed to develop coverage and critical discussion of Welsh arts, the intensive workshop and subsequent bespoke programme, will provide an opportunity to critique work together and explore the role of the art critic. The course will be led by Linda Christmas, a former arts journalist and experienced teacher of journalism.
The programme was launched in April 2011 with an open call announcement and 34 applications were received. The successful candidates have now been selected as follows:
• Lowri Hâf Cooke – a regular reviewer on; Red Handed Magazine, Barn, Tu Chwith, Y Twll, Radio Cymru and Golwg
• Amelia Forsbrook - a stage editor, theatre critic, freelance arts correspondent and co- founder of art.IS blog. Awarded 'Best Critic' by Tim Jonze, Editor of in the Cardiff University Student Media Awards
• Dylan Moore – founding editor CFUK; founding co-editor The Raconteur and alumnus of the National Theatre of Wales / Academi ‘New Critic’ scheme.
• Susie Wild - a freelance journalist, PR, poet, writer and editor, and a regular contributor to Buzz magazine. 
The participants will now undertake a two-day induction, and each will each be paired with an established critic who will provide 1:1 mentorship over a period of six-months. During this time, all four participants will receive financial and logistical support to attend two overseas arts platforms featuring Welsh artists. Publication partners will ensure that material generated will be published. The programme will conclude with a day of reflection for the group.
For further information, please contact Sioned Hughes, Arts Manager at Visiting Arts on:

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Short Story Appreciation Society

Oooh, short story feast for me today. Read the Guardian's Summer Short Story Special. Enjoyed Jennifer Egan's and David Mitchell's most, and Teresa Stenson's 'Things Which Are Not True' from the competition entries, not surprised to learn she is a fellow big fan of Ali Smith, also tinges of Jenn Ashworth's A Kind of Intimacy present. Read Teresa's blog where there are links to more of her short stories.


Monday, 18 July 2011

What's still missing from the Guardian First Book Award list?

Bright Young Things mentioned in passing in  blog:    

Interesting point made on why small and regional indies often miss out on making the lists:

'A major stumbling block, it turns out, was the entrance fee of £150 a book. This may not seem much, but it's a lot to a small publisher.'

If all four of the Bright Young Things debuts had been entered last year that would have cost £600... and yet elsewhere Tyler Keevil's excellent Fireball took the Readers Choice Award at Wales Book of the Year and I managed a long-listing for the Edge Hill Prize. Should special consideration and lower entrance fees be given to the small presses for such prizes? It seems something needs to change.


Friday, 8 July 2011

More great BYT news from James...

"So: very pleased to say that The Explorer, my sci-fi novel, will be being published by / sometime next year."

"(That's in addition to The Testimony, published by on Jan 5th.)"

"Contracts signed, edits through... It's a very exciting time. Here's something about The Explorer:"

Well done that man. He seems to write a new novel in the time it takes me to type my name. Prolific and Terrific.

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Graham Mort wins the Edge Hill Short Story Prize

Lots of good prize news this week. I'm pleased that Graham Mort won the Edge Hill Short Story Prize 2011. I was blown away by Touch when I reviewed it for issue 89 of New Welsh Review, and was even more shocked to have been long-listed alongside him, and many other great writers. So delicious to see short stories being celebrated. I hope he writes some more.

WooHoo: Tyler won a prize

I am so proud of my fellow Bright Young Thing, the nicest man you could ever meet. Do buy and read his novel Fireball. It is awesome.

Congratulations to Tyler Keevil who has won the Wales Book of the Year People’s Prize 2011 for his debut novel Fireball. The prize-winner was announced on Thursday 7th July at a Oscar-style red-carpet ceremony in Cineworld, Cardiff.

Tyler said, ”This is awesome ... Thank you to all the readers who voted."