Monday, 28 May 2012


Sundays are meant for this: sunshine, a country walk, and then reading in a beer garden before watching Shakespeare in the sun, overlooking mountains with my handsome man...

Here is my The Stage review of alfresco As You Like It:

As You Like It

Published Monday 28 May 2012 at 13:11 by Susie Wild
“All The World’s a Stage!” proclaims the small, versatile cast of As You Like It, performing in their pop-up outdoor theatre against a stunning sun-drenched backdrop of Monmouthshire mountains. One of 66 dates in pretty locations, Rain or Shine’s adaptation of this classic scores decently on topicality. The first half centring on The People’s Games and including asking a random punter to deliver a flaming torch to the stage. The ensuing entertaining wrestling match also contains amusing, effective slowmo action and comical costumes.
Pippa Meekings shines, playing a feisty and fun gender-swapping Rosalind against Tyler Coombes’ lily-livered lovestruck Orlando. Hilary Derrett brings humour as the flirtatious Madame Labeau - La not Le, for she is ‘Tout Labeau,’ all woman - and gets all the best lines as the melancholic moraliser Jacques. James Reynard is spot on as the hippy Duke Senior bumbling about his forest with his merry men waiting for something to happen. All the cast fair well, yet there are some weak spots involving light-hearted, silly Panto scenes with the minor characters - many of the shepherd scenes feel superfluous, and those involving the pursuit of Audrey and Phoebe often fall flat.
Still, in the interval the audience are invited to reflect upon and discuss how jolly life is, and by the end of this mostly likeable family show, the sun-soaked picnicking crowd agree it is very jolly indeed. Had it rained, it may well have been a different story.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Like a Proud Parent...

Rhian's poem is the Saturday poem in today's Guardian. I am going to frame it like a proud mum. You can read it here:

Now go and buy her book!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Meeting James Sallis

Waterstones Cardiff wrote:

Thursday, 24 May 2012, 7:00PM
Come and meet the brilliant James Sallis. He is joining us for a Question and Answer session about his new book 'Driven'. Hope to see you there.
Further details: 02920 665606

Yes he wrote Drive too, the book that became THAT Ryan Gosling film. I went along to talk words and help drink the wine. Sallis is a lovely, kindly guy who encourages writers to enjoy themselves and remember that they are the lucky ones who get to make stuff up for a living. His new book examining a woman in peril years after the event sounds interesting too. Here is a picture of Sallis with Cult Books Waterstones Hero Bert:

Also, tomorrow it Towel Day - go forth and celebrate the work of Douglas Adams.

Monday, 21 May 2012


It happened. The official launch of Rhian Edwards' debut full poetry collection Clueless Dogs at Gwdihw on Sunday 20 May. Only Rhian would have 15 people support her at her booklaunch gig - 14 ukulele players and myself. I sold out of my book too, and have more orders. It was fun. Well done Rhian! Pictures are from the night.

Bardic babes below (L-R): Carole Burns, Me, Rhian Edwards, Ivy Alvarez

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Our first session of the all new Cardiff Literary Salon will meet at Sherman Cymru on Monday 21st May 2012. 

Facebook event page: 

I will be in conversation with special literary guests about writing for performance from 8pm. 

My guests include:

Comic, poet and playwrong Mab Jones

Double John Tripp Award winner Rhian Edwards

Up and Coming Cardiff Poet Frank Thomas

Poetry Editor at Seren Amy Wack

Unfortunately The Gwyneth Lewis conversation has had to be postponed but we shall be welcoming her later in the season, and congratulate her on the Wales Book of the Year shortlist.

About Cardiff Literary Salon:

A literary gathering in an informal setting, the Cardiff Literary Salon sees top writers read or perform their work, and discuss their practice with 'notable bohemian' Susie Wild. Questions are then opened up to the audience for discussion and good conversation. After the talk the revellers can enjoy the relaxed, informed but informal environment to meet with publishers, writers, agents and fellow book lovers to discuss writing, culture and ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you on the night :)

Cardiff Literary Salon occurs in association with Sherman Cymru, who are wonderful supporters and advocates of new writing in Wales.

The May 2012 session is kindly supported by Literature Wales.

Monday, 14 May 2012


I am taking part in Imagistic on Flash Fiction Day (16 May 2012), writing a new flash story inspired by a painting by Keith Bayliss.

Here is the picture 'Untitled':

Here is an extract from my piece called 'We Hang in the Balance':

Some days I imagine breaking you into pieces. I think you would be more fun. More manageable then. In small parts. I would hold your hand over breakfast. Bend your ear over lunch. At night, in the garden I'd use my diabolo skills to impress you, I'd dance with your head. You probably wouldn't enjoy it. You'd look bemused. Ask me to change the music. Ask if maybe I'd prefer to dance with a leg instead.

Imagistic: Cardiff Flash Fiction Day is on Wednesday. Come along.

Edited to add here is a picture of organisers Carole Burns and Paul Edwards on the Roy Noble show with the image Rhian wrote her excellent shoe story about. We had a lovely evening reading with Niall Griffiths, Richard Gwyn, Des Barry, Tony Bianchi and Amy Wack:


Little Dogs

Published Monday 14 May 2012 at 11:29 by Susie Wild
Little Dogs is an energetic, contemporary take on Dylan Thomas’ short story Just Like Little Dogs, in which men with homes to go to instead choose to walk the streets of Swansea. Frantic Assembly has cleverly re-imagined the lost souls of Swansea’s night times from Thomas’ young man years to the present day, translating this feeling of lost limbo to today’s teenagers fighting their nightly hormonal wars with Thriller-style dance offs.
Darren Evans and Sian Phillips in Little Dogs at the Patti Pavilion, Swansea (previous picture shows Katie Elizabeth-Payne)
Darren Evans and Sian Phillips in Little Dogs at the Patti Pavilion, Swansea (previous picture shows Katie Elizabeth-Payne)Photo: FarrowsCreative
The promenade production begins with a scrawny, agitated teenage boy (Darren Evans) sat in a chintzy family room, while a concerned and ghostly maternal figure (Sian Phillips) watches over him. He frets, twitching limbs and net curtains, before finally allowing her to comfort him. At the point of the hug the set splits open, casting the boy out into the urban playground where his peers lay in wait.
The audience, like Evans, are thrown into the midst of the action and batted from scene to scene. Across the city, the sparky cast tell tales of beating hearts and amusingly relate the rules of modern mating rituals - dropped gazes and play fighting, jealousy and trickery.
The action moves from car park to club toilets, where the young try to find their way in the fug of sex, booze and vomit in scenes that echo The Paper Birds’ touring hit Thirsty. Therein lies one of the major flaws of the show, much of the teenage bonking and bravado has been seen before, and at times dramatic weight is lost in the flurry of movement. The conceit of Phillips playing Swansea is also lost on the audience until the flamboyant musical finale.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Clueless Dogs Tour

Last night I read at the launch of Rhian Edward's first full poetry collection Clueless Dogs. She is a super darling friend and I am most proud. Here is a picture of me reading taken by Auntie Lynne:

Today I am mostly reading my copy of the book - it has my name in the front AND the back. You can and should get your hands on a copy here:

Here is a picture of the congrats card I made Rhian, with Rhian and her beloved American beau Blake Harwell:
Yep, I know, multi-talented, me.
I am supporting Rhian at a joining up of my two favourite Swansea nights - The Crunch and Skye - on Sunday. Sadly STUPID LAST TRAIN TIMES mean that I can't get to these nights now I have left Swansea, some  may say this is fair punishment for leaving, but I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces there. Here is the beautiful poster for the event:
After that Rhian has lots of other gigs, some of which I shall be performing at, or hosting. You can see the full list on Rhian's brand spanking new website including a Hay event with the excellent Tishani Doshi. My dates are 6 & 20 May. I shall be at most of them though, so may read elsewhere too if there is room.
We will both be performing new work at the WMC for Cardiff Flash Fiction Day on 16 May and  poeting at Dinefwr festival at the end of June also. It will be the week of both of our births, and you can buy us presents if you like. Or buy our books. Either will be fine.
Enjoy the long weekend x