Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Happy International Short Story Day!

Happy International Short Story Day! I shall be celebrating by reading short stories this morning and working on a new short story this afternoon... I hope you have a day of enjoying short stories and their writers, also. Gifts/drinks most welcome. Next week I am off to see Patti Smith play, frolick about in Laugharne for my birthday, and then hop over to Dinefwr festival to perform a few poems:

Saturday, 1.00pm
Jam Bones is the brain child of Mab Jones, and is a spoken word enterprise based in Cardiff. It has organised over 50 events, including: monthly Manic Monday poetry happenings in the capital city; the popular PechaKucha Night of mini-presentations at Chapter Arts Centre; various slams, including the Welsh heat of this year’s National Team Poetry Slam; the Floralia Festival, a showcase of female creative and performance talent; the Welsh leg of Attila the Stockbroker’s 30th anniversary UK tour; and many, many more!
 The poets at Dinefwr include:  ‘notable bohemian’ Susie Wild; multiple-slam winner  and ‘rock ‘n’ roll poet’ Jack Pascoe; erudite poet and former crime journalist Nicholas Whitehead; lit-hop sensation Liam Johnson; John Hegley slam winner Sue Hamblen; and MC, the “hilarious” (Western Mail) Mab Jones.
 A diverse mix of poetic styles with one thing in common – the ability to entertain, engage, expound emotions, expand minds. Expect comedy, tragedy, satire, and substance, mixed with scintillating style!
For more information on Jam Bones, please see
Performing Saturday 30 June.
Also, this is so me:

Monday, 11 June 2012


La Boheme

Published Wednesday 6 June 2012 at 12:01 by Susie Wild
Welsh National Opera’s La Boheme is a feast of the senses celebrating La Belle Epoque. Choosing to revive one of their best-loved productions with the alternative version of the opera is always going to run the risk of displeasing traditionalists and avid fans of the other production, however the beautifully contemporary visual spectacle they have created is guaranteed to win them many new admirers. Annabel Arden makes an assured debut with WNO as director with great attention to the nuances of character. Stephen Brimson Lewis has designed incredible, cinematic sets incorporating multimedia to great effect as the action switches from the shadows and starlight of Parisian garrett rooftops and the exuberant bustle of bohemian cafe culture in the Madcap years to the painterly winter tableaux of Act III. Extravagant diversive rather than outrageously distracting.
Anita Hartig (Mimi) and Alex Vicens (Rodolfo) in La Boheme Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Anita Hartig (Mimi) and Alex Vicens (Rodolfo) in La Boheme Wales Millennium Centre, CardiffPhoto: Catherine Ashmore
This popular story is, in the main, enjoyably light-hearted and the cast are infectiously jovial when playing the scenes packed with joie de vivre and mischief - especially the musing philosopher Marcello (David Kempster) and his on-off fickle flirt of a muse Musetta (Kate Valentine), both on fine form. Rodolfo (Alex Vicens) and Mimi (Anita Hartig) are charmingly believable lead lovers while one of WNO’s long-associated conducters Carlo Rizzi arouses much warmth from the familiar score.
Act II packs the stage with a flamboyant chorus of students, hawkers, shopkeepers, working girls, crossdressers and soldiers in sharp contrast with the touching, chilled quiet of Act III’s opening scenes. Then lovers are once more reconciled as a very sick Mimi dies not of mal du siecle, but consumption. Much to admire.

Production information

Composer: Giacomo Puccini. Conductor: Carlo Rizzi
Welsh National Opera
David Kempster, Shaun Dixon, David Soar, Gary Griffiths, Anita Harlig
Annabel Arden
Stephen Brimson-Lewis
Tim Mitchell
Philippe Giraudeau
Production information can change over the run of the show.

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