Friday, 22 February 2013

Parthian Appoints Two New Editors: Susie Wild and Alan Kellermann

Two editors will be joining the Parthian editorial team in the new financial year. Editor and writer Susie Wild has extended her role to general editor with Parthian and is currently working on a list which includes sparkling new fiction debuts by Craig HawesDan Tyte and Carly Holmes. She is also the editor of an innovative range of memoirs which starts Dorothy Al Khafaji’s Between Two Rivers, an honest, funny and moving story of Baghdad life from the perspective of a young woman from England, transplanted into another culture by love and family, and then in 2014 by Michael Oliver’s innovative Sunbathing in Siberia: A Marriage of East and West in Post Soviet Russia

Read the article in full on the Parthian website.

Also see interview with me in The Bookseller on 8th March.

Friday, 15 February 2013

In with the new...

Hello Folks,

I know I've been a bit quiet on the blog front lately, that is because I've taken a bit of a break from performing to spend time on writing and various efforts in self improvement. So here is a quick update for you...

I got myself a new motto...

Other new things:

1. New hair. I got bangs. I like them.

2. New job. I've been appointed as Editor at Parthian Books. I am super pleased about this and looking forward to working with our authors on splendid lists in 2013 and 2014.

3. Mr Man got a lot of brownie points this week. Not only did he take me out for champagne on hearing that I got the job, he also sent me flowers. He's a keeper. Which is a good job because...

4. We've signed up for another year on our house.

5. In my bid to learn something new every month... I started yoga in January, and begin crochet next week. My plans to learn to bake have been delayed slightly, but I get to do my OMB class in March and have been making flat breads regularly in the meantime.

I have also been writing lots (ready to submit a bunch of new work left, right and centre) and working on another interesting project, to be announced later in the year.

You should be hearing from me a bit more now. Cardiff Literary Salon restarts next month at Sherman, and I will be running the literary programme of Do Not Go Gentle festival in Swansea in November. We've also been having some good funding chats about xx 2013, and are busy plotting this year's festival. I have a couple of gigs of my own on the way too, so shall pop the flyers up as and when they come in.

Hope you are having a good 2013.

Susie Q x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Five things you have to try in Swansea's live music venues

I ♥ Swansea. You should too. I wrote a little Top 5 music venues snippet for @visitwales ...

"There’s stacks to see and do in Swansea. And it’s no surprise that lots of local people are busy writing stuff about them: places to eat and drink, spots for shopping, sights and sounds and more. So we put this page together to showcase the best. It’s a guide written by people who love where they live. We hope you find it as inspiring as we do…"