Friday, 20 October 2017

Two Week Warning: Do Not Go Gentle festival Sat 4 November

Two weeks today doors open on #DoNotGoGentle2017 A packed program in 4 fab new venues across Swansea Unit NineteenThe Last ResortCinema&Co. No Sign Wine Bar. Tickets available now from

Gig Alert: 31 October Bristol



TIME: 08:30 PM
Susie Wild

Regular evening of poetry and music in The Square’s cocktail bar. This month’s headline act is poet Susie Wild, author of two collections – Better Houses and The Art of Contraception. With music from Joel Gardner.
‘The poems come from raw edges of the spaces between people, and a sense of how provisional the tender things can be.’ –Philip Gross

More info here...

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Gig Alert: 27 October, Books at Dylan's Birthday, Swansea

Swansea, I'm reading in Uplands next Friday, come along! Friday 27th October Dylan's 103rd birthday is Book Night at the Birthplace with poet Susie Wild launching her first poetry collection Better Houses which is all about tramping across the UK with humour, love and loss seeking a place to call home. 

Tickets £5 (including refreshments).

Joining Susie will be the Uplands urban sketcher Bill Bytheway, launching and exhibition of hs illustrations of the book Ugly Lovely - an hilarious book about Swansea by the late Ken Blakemore, and Away From The Welsh Speaking Sea a collection of poems wriiten by Hamish Wilson after a tour of the Birthplace 6.30 for 7.00pm 

Gig Alert: Penarth Acoustic Club, Fri 20 October

PENARTH, I'm looking forward to reading at Penarth Acoustic Club this Friday, sharing the stage with some great musicians, come along!

Photo Blog: Better Houses Literary House Party @madeinroath

A random selection of photos from the night by myself, Beth Greenhalgh and Christina Thatcher:

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Amazon Reviews

Thanks to these three lovelies for my Amazon reviews, if you've read the book and loved it (or hated it) please do pop a review up on your chosen network, it helps us Indies immensely!

on 14 October 2017
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on 14 October 2017
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on 14 October 2017
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Susie x

Friday, 13 October 2017

New Welsh Review Blog: Better Houses

Susie Wild describes a slow gestation, despite contraception and house moves, towards her debut poetry collection out now from Parthian Books

Friday, 6 October 2017

First Thursday: Standing Room Only

What an absolute delight it was to read at First Thursday!

this was me before with my cut fringe and my 'Come to First Thursday, or else x' face on:

It was fab to see so many of you there! Standing room only! Also great to have stage lights so I could pretend most of you weren't there for the reading ;)

Look: at Rebecca Parfitt reading and being splendid last night too:

Next up: Join me for a literary house party at madeinroath, Cardiff on Tues 17 October celebrating the launch of both my book Better Houses AND the Diana Rooms, a new creative space in an empty terraced house in Roath. I'll be reading on the theme of home along with special guests including Katherine StansfieldMab JonesClare PotterChristina Thatcher and Zillah Bowes. Light refreshments will be served beforehand and readings (8pm) shouldn't last more than an hour or so. We'll head to the pub afterwards. It will be splendid to see you there or after!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Next Gig: First Thursday, Cardiff

Hello my lovelies, I'm excited about the next date on my book tour, reading with two other wonderful women (Maria Donovan and Rebecca Parfitt) at First Thursday in Cardiff this... Thursday! Thanks so much to Amy Wack for inviting me along. If you haven't picked up a copy of Better Houses yet, I'll have some with me on the night. There's an open mic as well! See you there, or somewhere!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Gwales Review of Better Houses: 'Readers of all types will find something marvellous here.'

Susie Wild’s new collection of poems opens doors and invites the reader into a range of lives. The theme of houses comes through as Wild offers us glimpses of family life taking place in houses. People move into new houses or leave old ones, or simply transit through places as they shift from one phase of life to another. The act of buying and selling houses plays a role, as does filling them with furniture. 

The first poem in the book, ‘Build the Table First’, uses the construction of furniture as a metaphor for building a new life as a couple. Wild starts with concrete imagery, saying ‘I need breakable glasses / for each re-enacted fight’ and then moves to a more stream-of-consciousness style in lines such as these, ‘I want flamingoes / in flight; a thought that looks like / broccoli, blood, so much / fake blood.’ Her shifts of language take us into new places that are both strange and familiar at the same time. 

In ‘And, in the Aftermath’, the act of building flat-pack furniture becomes a way for a couple to reassemble their relationship after a falling out, ‘the banana / slip / of the night before.’ She uses language deftly here, finding fresh turns of phrase that allow us to see the familiar in new ways. Sometimes she controls the shape of the poem on the page to suggest something about the topic - in this case, the word ‘slip’ has slipped to the far right of the page, just like a foot that slides out from under a person slipping on a banana peel. This approach can add to the poem’s meaning, or simply provide a visual representation of the topic, as in ‘Baby Shower’, which is arranged on the page to look like a pregnant belly. 

Many of these poems are written in the form of a series of commands addressed to an unnamed person, whether a specific person she knows or perhaps the reader more generally. In ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Mourning’, she tells her interlocutor how to trap hawk-moths, perhaps as a way of preserving the memory of someone who has passed away. The stories behind these poems are only hinted at, which opens up the possibility of more resonance for the reader. 

The title poem of this collection is a masterful picture of images and sensations as relationships quiver like bubbles and then settle into place. An activity as mundane as a picnic takes on an iridescent sheen. When an interloper crashes in, asking ‘Is this your place?’, she responds, ‘It is now. / I watch myself float / away. Watch myself burst. / Watch myself stay.’ She has moved into a better house and invited us in with her. 

Not all of the pictures are as bright as bubbles. There are several references to fire and loss, often only hinted at. Houses can contain danger or be at risk themselves. Some poems hint at a love affair gone wrong, while in others the core relationship leaves us with a very grounded sense. The last poem, ‘Inside You’, gives us a conundrum – the ‘inside you’ and the ‘outside you’ are contrasted, one locked out of the house by the other. The ‘outside you’ tries to get into the house, berated by the ‘inside you’ for not behaving like a ‘decent human being’. Perhaps this is the message she wants to leave us with, the importance of opening doors and allowing for reintegration within an individual as well as across relationships through decency and kindness. 

Readers of all types will find something marvellous here. 

Mary Jacob 

 A review from, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

In the Western Mail...

Free Verse: Poetry Book Fair 2017

Bleary eyed, on the early train to London from Cardiff, laden with books I luck out, with an old friend on board who upgrades me to First Class: 'You've a new book, you must!' and she plies me with hot tea and cold apples to energise me for the day ahead.

I'd like to say it is a glamorous life being a poet and a publisher, but the reality is that I still have the bruises on the backs of my legs from wrestling my wheelie case of my books and all the other Parthian poet books across Cardiff, on and off a train, on and off the tube to the venue. A lovely venue at that, I don't think I've ever been to

Some books were sold, mostly mine, but I still had a lot to lug back to Wales, and I was sad to miss the majority of the readings including one by Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, who wrote me a lovely cover blurb, though I was delighted that she popped by the stall to see me.

 Kate Noakes with her latest Parthian-released collection Tattoo on Crow Street

Christina Thatcher with her collection More than you were which also proved popular for sales!

  The sweets were a big hit, the flying saucers ran out first... although most people picked it for nostalgia, and then remembered that often it tastes of cardboard and that's why they don't eat them any more!

Poets with Parthian collections also popped by both to visit (Kate Noakes, her next collection is out with us in 2018) and to help out so I could have a break, and a pint with Tim Wells (Christina Thatcher, thanks!). Is was great to also see Bob Walton and Amy Wack there.

And then, exhausted, I went home.

Official Release Date

My book is officially out today. Cover design by my faithful partner in crime Torben Schacht