Friday, 24 June 2016

New Flash Fiction: Birdie

I wrote a new little story called 'Birdie' for Wales Arts Review, you may have had enough fiction fed to you lately, but it may distract you briefly from this dark day... it may not.
'Usually when I passed, Birdie would be crouched, rocking on his haunches – forwards, backwards, forwards, back. He sometimes had a smile to flash, sometimes didn’t, not-quite-sat upon the threshold. Neither in nor out.'
Join Wales Arts Review throughout June for a month-long celebration of the flash fiction form. They will be publishing stories by the finest writers, a new story every day, in this online festival of flash fiction.

Tomorrow is also National Flash Fiction Day and I'll be reading a piece at the Cardiff event Imagistic at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff at 5pm, the event is free entry, do join us (more in the blog below about this and on Facebook).

Otherwise, today, I feel like this:

Monday, 20 June 2016

Imagistic on National Flash Fiction Day

I'm reading flash fiction here this Saturday – I'm on first or early at least. Come buy me an early birthday drink, or get Rhian Edwards, who is also reading, a belated one...

Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Sat 25th June, 5pm
This year's Imagistic features six writers, including Rhian Edwards, Tyler Keevil, Ivy Alvarez, and Susie Wild, along with six artists, including Robert Harding, Keith Bayliss and Maja Spasova, in collaborations in which the writers respond to artists with new work – or for the first time in Imagistic, vice versa. 
In the first set of collaborations, three writers have chosen an image by one of the artists as an inspiration for a new short story, up to 1,000 words. 
Rebecca Smith will work from a painting (above) by Medina Hammad; Tyler Keevil will respond to a painting by Magda Kozarzewska; and Sarah Hayden has chosen a work by sculptor Robert Harding. 
In the second collaborations, we are flipping this relationship, so that the artists who have taken part in previous Imagistic events will create a piece of art inspired in some way by the writer they were previously paired with. 
Artist Paul Edwards will respond to new poems by Rhian Edwards; Maja Spasova to work by Ivy Alvarez; and Keith Bayliss to the story Susie Wild wrote in the very first Imagistic. 
On the night, the writers will read their work with the images linked to the writing projected. 
The event is part of National Flash Fiction Day, which features events across the UK.

The photo montage above is Keith's response to my story 'We Hang in the Balance' in response to another image by him...

It's a dark little story.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Ink Sweat and Tears: May Pick of the Month

The lovely folks at Ink Sweat and Tears have selected my poem 'In case' as one in a shortlist of six up for the May 2016 Pick of the Month.

If anyone deserves a gin tomorrow, they do.

Voting is open until Tuesday 14 June.

Read my poem 'In case' and the rest of the shortlist on Ink Sweat and Tears

Vote for my poem on surveymonkey for Ink Sweat and Tears' May Pick of the Month.

Enjoy World Gin Day! And, while we're talking voting, don't forget to vote (to stay) in the EU Referendum on 23 June.

Susie x