Friday, 24 June 2016

New Flash Fiction: Birdie

I wrote a new little story called 'Birdie' for Wales Arts Review, you may have had enough fiction fed to you lately, but it may distract you briefly from this dark day... it may not.
'Usually when I passed, Birdie would be crouched, rocking on his haunches – forwards, backwards, forwards, back. He sometimes had a smile to flash, sometimes didn’t, not-quite-sat upon the threshold. Neither in nor out.'
Join Wales Arts Review throughout June for a month-long celebration of the flash fiction form. They will be publishing stories by the finest writers, a new story every day, in this online festival of flash fiction.

Tomorrow is also National Flash Fiction Day and I'll be reading a piece at the Cardiff event Imagistic at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff at 5pm, the event is free entry, do join us (more in the blog below about this and on Facebook).

Otherwise, today, I feel like this:

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