Saturday, 14 February 2015


Hello Blog

I've been  terribly neglectful / very very busy / away / in  love / writing.

I'll catch up with some back dated stuff soon.

News in brief:

I am still working for Parthian Books, now as Publishing Editor... some of the books and authors I am working with can be seen here: including Carole Burns, Susmita Bhattacharya, Richard Owain Roberts, Michael Oliver-Semenov, Gee Williams, Tony Bianchi, Sion Tomos Owen, Lloyd Markham, the Welsh Writers Trust, Gwenno Dafydd and Rebecca F. John.

I spent December running the pop-up bookshop with Amy Wack from Seren and Penny Thomas from Firefly Press. Here's a nice snap that Noel Dacey took of me doing that...

I am also still with the University of Glos, teaching prose to their students on the MA in Creative and Critical Writing, and I have been guest lecturing here and there including Aberystwyth University and Cardiff MET.

Feb 10th: Favourite question from a student today... 'We were expecting someone really old but you look young. Do you think you are young?' Yes I do.

Feb 9th: Up and out in to the liminal time, a soft - edged foggy twilight, dosed up on medicine and watching the sun rise above frosted hills, rooftops, rivers, mountains, fields... ear worm of 'It's a long way to Aberystwyth... (well) it's a long way... by train...'
and then...
Watching the starling murmurations over / under the pier in Aberystwyth as the tide rolls in and the light rolls out.

On the performance front, I've taken a bit of quiet time to work on the new books, poetry pamphlet almost finished now, but I did perform as a guest feature at Heartspoken at the Kuku Club towards the end of 2014.

& some of the upcoming literary events I've organised can be found here: