Thursday, 17 September 2015

More Poetry Is Needed

The message was clear yesterday, as we settled down at my dining table for our second instalment of InkSplott, the poetry supergroup I'm part of for workshopping and general support, food and friendship. More poetry is needed. I've workshopped my last complete one from the current batch and after some revisions I've loads to send back out on the fly / come home with tails between legs / fly again circuit. (Our Cardiff West outfit was going strong for a while before we venue changed to Cardiff South East, see).

Coincidentally, when I checked on social media after the evening workshop session my dear friend Helen had sent me a bunch of photos of this ilk taken of me in Swansea recently:

I might have to write a story first. There's one brewing. Here's a picture of me reading an old one at the launch of Secondary Character in Chapter on Sat 12th September:

It would be ace if I could somehow go back here to the sun to write them now...

...but there are things coming up, great things...

Come to my literary pop-up festival New Under The Sun in Cardiff on the 25 / 26 September. We'll be previewing / launching these Parthian titles and more:

Strike a pose. Vogue. You can see me talking about the festival in the latest issue of Cardiff Life:

(Another of Torben's great photos, plus he designed the Petrograd cover, bottom left)

& then come and see me read some new / recently published poetry and prose at Ye Olde Murenger in Newport on Wednesday 7th October, 7.30pm with the novelist Tom Bullough who has written three books including this one: