Friday, 6 October 2017

First Thursday: Standing Room Only

What an absolute delight it was to read at First Thursday!

this was me before with my cut fringe and my 'Come to First Thursday, or else x' face on:

It was fab to see so many of you there! Standing room only! Also great to have stage lights so I could pretend most of you weren't there for the reading ;)

Look: at Rebecca Parfitt reading and being splendid last night too:

Next up: Join me for a literary house party at madeinroath, Cardiff on Tues 17 October celebrating the launch of both my book Better Houses AND the Diana Rooms, a new creative space in an empty terraced house in Roath. I'll be reading on the theme of home along with special guests including Katherine StansfieldMab JonesClare PotterChristina Thatcher and Zillah Bowes. Light refreshments will be served beforehand and readings (8pm) shouldn't last more than an hour or so. We'll head to the pub afterwards. It will be splendid to see you there or after!

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