Monday, 14 May 2012


I am taking part in Imagistic on Flash Fiction Day (16 May 2012), writing a new flash story inspired by a painting by Keith Bayliss.

Here is the picture 'Untitled':

Here is an extract from my piece called 'We Hang in the Balance':

Some days I imagine breaking you into pieces. I think you would be more fun. More manageable then. In small parts. I would hold your hand over breakfast. Bend your ear over lunch. At night, in the garden I'd use my diabolo skills to impress you, I'd dance with your head. You probably wouldn't enjoy it. You'd look bemused. Ask me to change the music. Ask if maybe I'd prefer to dance with a leg instead.

Imagistic: Cardiff Flash Fiction Day is on Wednesday. Come along.

Edited to add here is a picture of organisers Carole Burns and Paul Edwards on the Roy Noble show with the image Rhian wrote her excellent shoe story about. We had a lovely evening reading with Niall Griffiths, Richard Gwyn, Des Barry, Tony Bianchi and Amy Wack:

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