Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I thought 24 hours of poetry performance was endurance enough. Artist Samuel Hasler is about to prove me wrong as he beings his 48 hour performance at Cardiff gallery space, g39 tonight.
Viewable from the street from 8pm (Tuesday 4 May) until 8pm Thursday 6 May, the 48-hour continuous performance will involve a large square blackboard, a recurring image from Hasler’s previous drawing work, hanging in the centre of the gallery’s front window. Inspired by a video work by Mark Wallinger entitled Via Dolorosa 2002 in which a large black square obscures the core action. In Hasler’s performance, the black square will impede a clear view into the space, and as such, this physical obstruction allows the artist to comment on ‘censorship, access, borders and obstructions within visual culture.’
Hasler’s performance will be preceding and informing a gradual construction of evolving works within the gallery space, responding to both the city and the artist’s unique solitary position. Go along to gawp and show support throughout the event. G39 will then be open for a special end-of-performance viewing on Thursday 6 May from 7-8pm.

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