Tuesday, 1 June 2010

BYT: #HAY: Fresh Blood & Hunting For Agents

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JUNE 2010: #HAY: Fresh Blood & Hunting For Agents

Well would you look at that! I’m at Hay. That picture above is of me interviewing Parthian novelist Matthew David Scott (Playing MercyThe Ground Remembers) in the Culture Cymru Tent nextdoor to Pemberton’s bookshop at Hay Festival on Saturday. We had a laugh. I asked a few of my own questions, things abouthis books, plays and the ace event Balloon that he runs with his mate Matt Jarrett and gets me to peform at in Cardiff. Then I asked him all the questions from The Guardian Saturday interview (the one in the magazine). It seemed appropriate, it being Saturday, and us being at The Guardian Hay Festival and all. Besides, I’ve worked for them, they can’t mind too much. We found out all about Matt’s big loves and hates, hopes and disappointments, and views on Sting, Miami Vice and New York in the 198os. That was my second day. Today is Day 6 and I am mostly typing blogs in Culture Cymru, stealing their power to recharge batteries of machinery, and their coffee and cake to recharge my own. Nice people. I’m looking forward to talking about The Art of Contraception here with Dr Paul Wright on Sunday 6 June (1pm).
I’m also playing hunt the super fantastic totally extraordinary agent. I’ve met a couple who seem promising. Let’s see what happens. Any agents who meet this description and are reading this, WHY DON’T YOU take me out to lunch?
Wanna know what else I’ve been up to at the festival so far? Read these…
Next up? Hay Poetry Jamboree kicks off at the Salem Chapel in Hay (near the lovely Kilverts pub) at 6.30pm tomorrow (Thursday 3 June). Come along and see us. I will perform poems, as will some talented friends of mine. Then we’ll help you play strange experimental games. All between Fri 11am-1pm.

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