Wednesday, 29 September 2010

BYT: Snap Happy

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SEPT 2010
Snap Happy

London Launch: We are the Bright Young Things (Photo: Rosie Reed Gold)
Our Swansea Launch
Our Swansea Launch
Our books on display at the Bangor Launch (Photo: Josie Gritten)
So as you’ve seen/ heard we’ve been on tour around the country. It has been fantastic. Cheers. Each launch has had a totally different feel to it, but all have been lovely, from the family-centric, gentle beauty and wonderful inclusiveness of Bangor, to the Sunday hipsters drinking cocktails on leather sofas at London’s Vibe Bar. We’ve had a blast, and with tears in our eyes, we wave goodbye to Wil, and wish him a safe journey back to Oz. As well as travelling about a lot, we’ve also been getting some reviews. Here is what the press etc.  has said so far…
‘About the decisions that are made by generations before us that still affect our lives,Hereditation is a compelling and commendable first novel.’ Buzz, September 2010
‘It’s not your average family saga; it’s not your average anything…’ Swansea Lifemagazine, September 2010
Fireball, his debut novel, lives up to the Bright Young Things umbrella he’s been herded under. A group of four smart-but-wayward teens spend a summer attracting police attention, which is related by the most level-headed of the quartet in a blunt, youthfully surly but compelling manner.’ Buzz, September 2010
‎’This is a writer with real control and the ability to hook a reader from page one.’ Swansea Life magazine, September 2010
‘Nearly finished ‘Fireball’. Fuck it’s good. Really good.’ Matthew David Scott, Novelist, September 2010
There’s more of them to come…

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