Monday, 1 November 2010

BYT: Things Mil Millington & I didn’t argue about

Bright Young Things LogoNOVEMBER 2010

Things Mil Millington & I didn’t argue about

Mil Millington (left) and Bugged co-editor David Calcutt.
Ah, the Bugged launch was fun. After a packed coach journey, I spent a day strolling along canals and reading books in pleasant places, I had food with one of my good girl pals, a Brum resident, before heading down to the Ikon Gallery for the Bugged launch.
There waas a fantastic turnout including Dennis-The-Menace jumpered novelist and columnist Mil Millington. I am a big fan of his column (and book) Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About, and we were also in opposing teams in a sexual health charity quiz many years ago, back when I had a proper day job. We didn’t argue about the following things:
1. The failings of blue hair dye.
2. The awkwardness of the pornographic poses of the Ikon’s current exhibition.
3. The fact his girlfriend would like my sparkling bling ring.
4. How ace my poem in the Bugged book is.

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