Monday, 1 November 2010

BYT: Wil = Book of the Month

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Wil = Book of the Month

He may be back in Oz, but Wil is Book of the Month in November’s Buzz Magazine [P.56]. Here’s the review:
Wil Gritten (Parthian)
Letting Go is the autobiographical tale of Wil Gritten’s travels through South America and his attempts to find himself en-route. With promise of so much deep soul-searching to be done and the initial insights into political South America it is more than a little disappointing when Wil succumbs to whinging about complicated relationships. Wil entangles himself with a number of women whom he meets along the dusty, oxygen deprived roads of his journey and consequently wanders from place to place on a path of self destruction with many events and places lost in a cloud of substance abuse. The writing however is brilliant. I felt hugely endeared to Wil and found it easy to sympathise with most of his troubles. I shouted at him for the majority of the novel but you can’t help but dance with joy when he finally straightens himself out. Letting Go isn’t at all forced or fake and it has a fantastic comic element. A deftly human, truthful, adventurous, insightful piece of writing.’ [EP]

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