Tuesday, 15 February 2011

MS: So Long, Farewell


Dear readers, the time has come for me to take off  my Mslexia blogging hat. The year of blogging as self-appointed literary it-girl for Wales has flown by and now it is time for some other voices to be heard. See Sophie’s exciting news entry below for details on how you could be writing rather than reading this here blog. Please don’t cry. I am not going to disappear. You can follow me on twitter (@soozerama) and also read my soon to be much more regular blogs about both sexes of writer over on ace literary mag The Raconteur. I am pitching for one of those three month stints on the Mslexia blog too, so you may see me here again too, you just never know your luck. Wishing you happiness, inspiration and good literati parties. Take care all, Susie x
About Susie:
Susie Wild is a freelance journalist based in South Wales. She is one of Parthian's Bright Young Things and her debut collection of short stories, The Art of Contraception is out now. As a poet she performs regularly, and publishes here and there, including the recent Bugged book. She likes good live music, Old Man Pubs, patterned tights, hair dye and avocados.

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