Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ink Splott | I would like to thank the Academi...

...or rather the newly branded shiny fabulous people that are behind Literature Wales and the fabulous panel members for Literature Wales Writers’ Bursaries 2011-12: Katie Gramich (Chair), Catrin Beard, Catherine Fisher, Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Amanda Hopkinson and Idris Reynolds. Thanks very much all.

Yes the clever people at Literature Wales have awarded me money to take time off from all the other pay-the-rent journalism, PR etc. work I do to immerse myself in writing The Novel. My very first novel. I began their funded time off on Friday 1 April 2011. I shall be posting updates of what I am reading and thinking about and how all the writing process is going or not going on my new process blog Ink Splott. All other news and attention-grabbing will continue to be posted here, in Wildlife.

Otherwise, in social networking and journalism terms I shall be much quieter than usual for a spell. You will still see me performing here and there but otherwise enjoy the peace.

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