Monday, 3 October 2011

Calm down, dears – it's only a theatre review

'The internet. It sure is grand, but by God is it angry. And in few places, curiously, is this anger more evident than in theatre blogging and online reviews. The very titles seethe with anger. The West End Whingers, Burnt Arts (the text blazing red) and Distant Aggravation are just the tip of the razor-sharp iceberg. The subheadings continue in the same, aggressive manner, with the West End Whingers claiming – albeit, perhaps, ironically – to be "putting London's West End theatre to rights". Just why is the internet so riddled with rage and is it useful to theatre criticism – or merely self-destructive?'

& a few related posts I missed while I was in Venice. 
Yes that VENICE...Yes it was Ve(ry)nice...

Also, this...

Beyond the words. What can critics do beyond their words?

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