Monday, 12 December 2011

STORYCUTS: Adventures in digital pop lit

'How does the Storycuts series – an overarching brand to sell short stories and as singles out of their collections – fit into this theory? Well, adhering like it does to the iTunes sales model of songs versus whole albums, I think the digital short story can (and should) be the pop music of literature.'

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Should Single Short Stories Be Sold Or Given Away Online? (Huffington Post)

'I saw a tweet from @DigitalDan about their new ideaStorycuts. I followed the link and browsed the list. Random House is a fine publisher with a wonderful stable of authors so I was soon tempted and drooling with anticipation. But as I went to download a story by Alice Munro I realized it was going to cost me £1.24 to do so.' 

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