Monday, 29 October 2012

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BLOG Gwen Davies

NWR Issue 97

xx Minifestest of Women's Writing

"Had a good time on Saturday at this new festival for the writing of women from Wales and beyond. It was excellently organised (despite a concurrent beer festival at Chapter) and publicised by the team of Penny Thomas, Carole Burns, Amy Wack and Susie Wild. The audiences were large and the evening 'Salon', featuring the short story with Roshi Fernando and Rachel Trezise, sold out. The main delight for me was chatting in the bookfair section to Roshi about balancing international gigs publicising Bloomsbury's edition of her integrated short fiction collection, HomesickRead about it in NWR's Online Interview, Roshi Fernando, with developing her debut novel, The Elephant's Wife, an excerpt from which appeared last year in NWR 92, The Elephant's Wife Extract. "

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