Friday, 2 October 2015

Secondary Character - First Review

So, a first review for the Secondary Character anthology from the Welsh Short Story Network has been published on Goodreads and I get a couple of pleasant mentions...

'The writing is excellent throughout - I was often arrested by an image or way of wording things, which I usually jot down so I can revisit them later. Some of those in my pad as I glance through it now are:
“Each month brought a new period of bereavement, a red morning to mourn.”
(Susie Wild, “Pocillovy” - making words work twice as hard.) 


Although I enjoyed all the stories, I inevitably had personal favourites, no doubt different from the next person's (which is one of the fun things about anthologies). Without giving too much away, these ones made me think the most:


Susie Wild, “Pocillovy” - really captures the lead character's headspace.


As you can tell, I recommend this collection if you like contemporary short stories!' 

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