Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Guadalajara: Wednesday

Back at FIL on Wednesday morning the stands have been shuffled around and we've more space to spread out the Parthian display. I busy myself with that before the British Council networking reception at the UK publisher stands at lunchtime.

Afterwards we sat down to work out the questions and answer flow for Thursday's 9am panel discussion in the UK Pavilion space with Mari, Owen and John (chaired by Hazel from Accent Press).

That evening Rebecca and I returned to the anbiently-lit Cathedral squares by night, exploring side streets where locals had rigged up an outdoor cinema with a sheet tacked to a construction work awning – there were a lot of roadworks centrally – and then we stumbled across some al fresco private party to do with shiny cars, before Owen joined us for a quiet dinner at a place with great views and company but bad food (we were yet to hit our food luck stride).

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