Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Literary Happenings

I am so looking forward to this next month.

Today I went back to my old teaching campus of Francis Close Hall, Uni of Glocs to talk about the creative process, writing stories and poems and working as an editor with my fellow Bright Young Thing Tyler Keevil, his bright and erudite students, and the talented Rebecca F. John. It was lovely to be talking about my next book, finally, out next spring!

I also discovered that Rebecca is a basher and Tyler and I are swoopers / leapers: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/632571-swoopers-write-a-story-quickly-higgledy-piggledy-crinkum-crankum-any-which-way

I've a few bits and pieces coming up... out now, the Spring issue of The Lonely Crowd includes a new story from me called 'Looks Like Rain':

'When the woman was a girl she was afraid of the weather...' Read in our new issue.

I've also written an essay about the writing process which will be up on the TLC website soon.

In the next week or so the Lampeter Review Issue 13 Exit will be published and this includes a new poem from me, on the theme of exit called 'Yolk / White'.

Then I'm off to Istanbul for my ITEF fellowship and a bit of sightseeing 6-12 May and while I'm away the excellent Ink Sweat & Tears are publishing one of my poems (11 May).

All three of these publications and the people behind them are wonderful and supportive and worth supporting, so do!

I hope to see you at the Cardiff launch of The Lonely Crowd Spring Issue on 20 May.

Be well dears,

Susie x

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