Saturday, 24 September 2016

Sex Change Disco at Made in Roath and Garden of Earthly Delights

have been collaborating with my dear friend and artist Beth Greenhalgh and we have two performances coming up in Cardiff this autumn.

First up our show Sex Change Disco will be at Made in Roath...

Sex Change Disco: Beth Greenhalgh and Susie Wild

Visual Art / Performance / Spoken Word / Disco

Pet Shop, 2 Diana St Roath Cardiff CF24 4TS

Friday 14th October, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Free entry, all welcome 

An image is burnt to the retina. A flash of something that lingers in my memory. It is playful, holds beauty, holds power. I will not forget it.

Chocolate guns melt into fondue and singing, speaking mouths burst with colour. Things are revealed upon our bodies, words spoken to stillness and, in the end, everyone will dance.

At the Sex Change Disco, the menagerie are mothing about the kaleidoscope lights, dazzled – flitting here a whirligig bearded lady, flitting there a boy with a girl’s arse – and, Fanny, sitting at the bar blasting shot after shot after shot...

There are words coming out of your mouth – dropping like pins and feathers – but I’ve stopped listening. LA – LA – LA. I lick my lips and continue to stare at yours. The thick bow of them, a wrapped gift in the glitterball light. You do not notice. I take my own invitation, tune in to your Channel Tunnel of consonants and vowels. I lean forward and eat your words and phrases, all twenty-six letters. Some I swallow. Some I spit out.

Sex Change Disco is a new performance piece and collaboration between Beth Greenhalgh and Susie Wild. 

A strange experience is a wonderful thing. Come along.

UPDATE TO SAY: This went well! You can see photos here:


Next up, we'll be taking a smaller piece from this collaboration to the wonder that will be tactileBOSCH's Garden of Earthly Delights...

Garden Of Earthly Delights is a love letter to Hieronymus Bosch, on the 500th anniversary of this most enigmatic and influential artist. Inhabiting the dark, atmospheric spaces of a vast, disused historic building in Cardiff Bay, tactileBOSCH present Garden Of Earthly Delights, a multi-media gesamtkunstwerk (exhibition) incorporating installation, video, sonic art, interdisciplinary collaborations and spontaneous interventions, kicked off with a wild night of live music and visceral performance art!

The itinerant collective will then reconfigure the exhibition in the sparse light-flooded spaces of Stadium Plaza.

Garden Of Earthly Delights runs from 22nd October to 19th November, and is part of Cardiff Contemporary, a city-wide festival of contemporary art.

Grand Opening Night – 7pm – 11pm Saturday 22nd October. Everyone Welcome!

For more infomation about the event head to our website:

Do come along!

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