Sunday, 1 October 2017

In the Western Mail...

Free Verse: Poetry Book Fair 2017

Bleary eyed, on the early train to London from Cardiff, laden with books I luck out, with an old friend on board who upgrades me to First Class: 'You've a new book, you must!' and she plies me with hot tea and cold apples to energise me for the day ahead.

I'd like to say it is a glamorous life being a poet and a publisher, but the reality is that I still have the bruises on the backs of my legs from wrestling my wheelie case of my books and all the other Parthian poet books across Cardiff, on and off a train, on and off the tube to the venue. A lovely venue at that, I don't think I've ever been to

Some books were sold, mostly mine, but I still had a lot to lug back to Wales, and I was sad to miss the majority of the readings including one by Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, who wrote me a lovely cover blurb, though I was delighted that she popped by the stall to see me.

 Kate Noakes with her latest Parthian-released collection Tattoo on Crow Street

Christina Thatcher with her collection More than you were which also proved popular for sales!

  The sweets were a big hit, the flying saucers ran out first... although most people picked it for nostalgia, and then remembered that often it tastes of cardboard and that's why they don't eat them any more!

Poets with Parthian collections also popped by both to visit (Kate Noakes, her next collection is out with us in 2018) and to help out so I could have a break, and a pint with Tim Wells (Christina Thatcher, thanks!). Is was great to also see Bob Walton and Amy Wack there.

And then, exhausted, I went home.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Happy National Poetry Day!

Happy National Poetry day to all the poets, poetry lovers, poet's lovers and friends and putter-upper-withs. Read poems. Buy a poet's book (cough, cough)... buy poets a drink, a meal... flowers. You know the drill by now. Enjoy xx

These arrived for me today: 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Cardiff Book Festival – Highlights from 2017

Always nice to be a festival highlight... 'It was also exciting to hear Susie Wild read from her book Better Houses, which has only just been published. I loved her poem inspired by the recent courgette crisis, and another called ‘Gifts like Honey’, inspired by her cat...'

Read the created to Read blog on the New Poetic Voices Showcase at Cardiff Book Festival

It certainly was a great turn out, here's the view from the front:

We followed the show with tapas and a literary disco! Three gigs down and a break from stage speaking for me...

Friday, 22 September 2017

HOWL, and I did!

When I was first properly starting out reading my poems, in places that weren't my house when nobody else was there... I was in Swansea, and I read them at an excellent new night The Crunch at my then-favourite Watering Hole Mozarts.. oh about a decade ago now. I last guest featured there 7 years ago, when my first book came out, and although it has morphed in to a new type of night HOWL, the idea is largely the same and it felt good to return to a beginning.

Somehow I managed to persuade some of my artist friends to come along and endure some talking for a bit, and also some dear old friends appeared. My ever-patient pal Helen stayed up past her bedtime to talk nonsense with me, and leant me a comfy bed so I didn't have to run home for the last train back to Cardiff.

Here's a photo that dear Kate Ronconi took:

And here are some flashback 2009 photos from The Crunch (I really need to lose my book baby weight, post-'birth'... half a stone already mind, so I'm on my way!

Abertawe Mon Amour x

I'm back on 27 October 6.30pm at Dylan's Birthplace, and 4 November 2pm at No Sign Wine Bar (my first waitress job in Swansea) as part of Do Not Go Gentle Festival. Come along! 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Penned on the Bont

Oh, I loved last night, how wonderful to launch my new book at my dear dear friend Rhian Edwards' poetry night Penned on the Bont in Bridgend, and to share the stage with another lovely friend, my original fellow Bright Young Thing (faded jaded things as we call ourselves now!) Tyler Keevil.

A great turn out, wine, high standard of open mic and people actually bought books, the first I'd sold! It was all very exciting.

And I got my hair cut and make up done before, here's me looking dolled up and scared:

Here's me trying to vanish! Pre-gig nerves...

Excellent booksellers Julie and Tracey! Amanda and Rhian to the side... my Bridgend poetry workshop peers!

See, I told you it was a fun night, we were entertained well!

Gendered Cash Boxes! I objected ;)

Me, sweaty post-gig, in my Domestic Goddess dress!

BONUS: A proof copy gift of Tyler's new novel!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to (almost) give a poet a heart attack:

1. Delay delivery of their book until day before the tour starts.
2. Make poet wait in all day giving delivery time as simply before 18:00.
3. At 15.55 park a TNT lorry outside poet's house. Do nothing for 10 minutes.
4. Do not knock on poet's door. Instead knock on her neighbour's door who is out. Then go up one house and ask that neighbour to take box.
5. As neighbour signs for box find poet standing in the street in their socks, saying in a really small voice 'Excuse me, is that box for me?' Both say 'No!'
6. Hear poet say 'B-b-but, do you have another delivery for me. I'm expecting a TNT delivery today...?'
7. Say 'No, I've nothing for you.'
8. See poet turn to neighbour and ask 'Please, can you just read out the house number on the box.'
9. See neighbour go 'oh' after reading poet's house number out.
10. Give box of books to poet.

The rest have gone to the usual places, I hope!

And breathe out!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Better Houses on Tour

'They are beautiful. Tell your friends I said you write beautiful poems. Vivid with sharp imagery and delicious phrasing.' – Salena Godden knows how to cheer a girl up on a pre-launch Sunday! I've lots of gigs coming up, do come, here's a lovely poster Torben made for me with the dates and venues (click to make bigger.)... 

At Free Verse I've just got a stall and will sign books, come to The Wheatsheaf in November for the London reading!

More tour dates added, when all the details are confirmed I'll get the poster adjusted...

27 – Dylan's Birthday, The Beginning festival, Dylan's Birthplace, Swansea (Workshop and Reading)
31 – Berkeley Square Poetry Revue, Bristol, 8.30pm, £2 on the door

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Better Houses


  • £8.99

Pre-order a signed copy for £8.99 and free P&P [The Parthian summer sales is on at the moment so you can get an extra £3 off at the checkout for either Better Houses or my story collection The Art of Contraception]
This book officially launches 1 October 2017

This lively first collection from Susie Wild introduces a poet with a nomadic spirit. She tramps with humour, love, and loss across the UK, even the globe, seeking a place to call home.
'These poems are spells whose words bewitch the ordinary and transform the objects and routines of our human world with their word-magic.' – Gillian Clarke 
'The world shifts and transforms itself in these subtly disconcerting poems: words into bees, surgical stitches into mascaraed eyelashes, a fossil oyster into a lover's toenails. The effect can be darkly sinister or exuberantly witty, but it's always new and refreshing. This is an exciting and assured poetic debut.'  – Matthew Francis 
‘Susie Wild writes with poise and precision about the places we inhabit, casting a benevolent spell over her reader.’ – Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch
'The voice is concentrated, urgent; the material is often tender, even domestic. There is no contradiction in this. The poems come from raw edges of the spaces between people, and a sense of how provisional the tender things can be.' – Philip Gross
Better Houses charts the move from childhood to adult life with wit and wonder. In a state of constant displacement, the poems flit from tents and gypsy caravans to boarding school, to lodgings and house sitting. The collection offers a half-remembered, half-invented life of pub crawl dates and doors slamming, as the narrators fall in and out of love and a life packing and unpacking boxes. 
These poems hunt fossils and comets, escape fires and great white sharks, consider life on other planets, and prophesize white witches. In Wild’s playful, offbeat take on the mundane world, beds and language barriers are tested, areas are gentrified, lawns are mown, and heart rates checked.
Susie Wild is author of the short story collection The Art of Contraception (Parthian 2010) listed for the Edge Hill Prize, and the novella Arrivals (Parthian 2011). Her writing appears in publications like Poetry Digest, The Lonely Crowd, Wales Arts Review, Ink Sweat & Tears, The Lampeter Review, and Rising. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Swansea University and an MA in Journalism from Goldsmiths. Awarded a place on Ty Newydd’s poetry masterclass, she has studied creative writing with Gillian Clarke and Imtiaz Dharker. She was writer in residence at the Mothership, Dorset, and her poems have been an Ink Sweat & Tears Pick of the Month, and a First Thursday performance winner.  She has performed her poems at events like the Glastonbury Festival, Hay Festival, the Green Man Festival, and the Dylan Weekend. Her recent multimedia commission, ‘Sex Change Disco,’ in collaboration with artist Beth Greenhalgh, was performed at Made in Roath and Cardiff Contemporary 2016. Born in London, she lives in a house with a garden and a shed in Cardiff, sharing it with a German prop maker and their Welsh cat. 
Twitter: @Soozerama

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Arrivals in Kobo ebook sale

Happy International Women's Day! 

My ebook novella 'Arrivals' (and three other great Parthian titles) can be picked up in Kobo’s US and Canadian stores 'Celebrating Women Around The World' ebook sale, which is running from March 7th-12th.


Susie x