Friday, 22 September 2017

HOWL, and I did!

When I was first properly starting out reading my poems, in places that weren't my house when nobody else was there... I was in Swansea, and I read them at an excellent new night The Crunch at my then-favourite Watering Hole Mozarts.. oh about a decade ago now. I last guest featured there 7 years ago, when my first book came out, and although it has morphed in to a new type of night HOWL, the idea is largely the same and it felt good to return to a beginning.

Somehow I managed to persuade some of my artist friends to come along and endure some talking for a bit, and also some dear old friends appeared. My ever-patient pal Helen stayed up past her bedtime to talk nonsense with me, and leant me a comfy bed so I didn't have to run home for the last train back to Cardiff.

Here's a photo that dear Kate Ronconi took:

And here are some flashback 2009 photos from The Crunch (I really need to lose my book baby weight, post-'birth'... half a stone already mind, so I'm on my way!

Abertawe Mon Amour x

I'm back on 27 October 6.30pm at Dylan's Birthplace, and 4 November 2pm at No Sign Wine Bar (my first waitress job in Swansea) as part of Do Not Go Gentle Festival. Come along! 

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